Insurance Related Terms and Service


This Insurance Related Terms and Services lays down the terms to avail Insurance by the claimants of the Insurance policy holders. The Insurance Partner would hereafter be referred to as the “insurer” and the insurance policyholders would hereafter be referred to as the “Insured”. The company “Trucknetic” would hereinafter be referred to as “us”, “we”, “Our”. WHEREAS the rights and obligations of the insured and the Insurer in consideration for such Insurance in respect of accidental loss or damage occurring during the period of insurance will be laid out hereunder.

The Insurer in this case would be a third party insurance company, and would be responsible to provide for “Marine Insurance”

All insurance policies are availed through SecureNow Insurance Broker Private Limited having registered office at C4/4 Safdarjung Dev Area, New Delhi – 110016.

Phone Number: +91 9696683999.

Email Address:


Marine Insurance (In Transit Insurance)

Insurer Details:-

Name of the Insurance firm:   Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited

Registered Office Address:    Bajaj Finserv Building, 1st Floor, Behind Weikield IT-Park, Viman Nagar Park, Viman Nagar, Pune – 411014.

Phone number:                        1800-209-5858/1800-102-5858.

Email Address:             


Insurance Proposal from Insurer:

Name of the Plan:       Comprehensive Plan- ITC A

Sum Insured:               Invoice + 10%

Excess/Deductible for each and every loss : 1% of whole consignment value each and every loss

Perils Covered under the Proposal:

●          Loading and Unloading

●          Handling Losses

●          Theft & Malicious damage

●          Non-Delivery/Shortage

●          Overturning or Derailment of Land

●          Conveyance

●          Collision

●          Fire or Explosion

●          Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption or lightning while in Transit

●          River or Lake Water entering Cargo

●          Hijack & Piracy

How can an Insured opt for In-transit insurance?

An Insured can opt for In transit insurance for a shipment by clicking on the “Include Insurance” toggle on the order review screen on the website/app.

Alternatively, the Insured person placing orders on the platform through an offline channel (offline channel referring to services procured outside website/app, by directly calling the sales/Insured executives or Key Account Managers) can ask the company representative to insure their shipment by procuring in-transit insurance from the Insurance Partner on their behalf.

Liability of Insured in case of Damage

In case of damage in a shipment where the Insured has procured marine insurance on our platform, the Insured is expected to intimate an authorized employee within 12 hours of receiving the shipment with damaged goods through email at

For lodging a claim request, the Insured is expected to provide all pertaining details and documents related to the damaged shipment to our authorized employee of the company including but not limited to Cause of loss, date of loss, estimated value of loss, the current location of consignment with complete address, contact person detail who will assist in the claim settlement process, LR copy, Invoice copy, Photographs/Videos of damaged goods etc.

Our Liability in case of Damage

For the Insured person who have procured marine insurance through our platform, an authorized employee will lodge a claim request with the insurance partner as soon as it receives the intimation on damaged goods from the Insured.

After Lodging the claim request with the Insurer, our responsibility will only be limited to providing further updates from the Insurer to the Insured on the claim status and helping in the survey process initiated by the Insurer to the extent possible.

The Acceptance or repudiation of a claim is solely at the discretion of the Insurer and our platform doesn’t hold the power/right to influence the decision of the Insurance Partner at any point in time

Insurance Claims are subject to the plans opted by the Insured. Please read the policy documents of the Insurer carefully before signing up.

Any fraudulent claims found by the Company or the Insured made by the Customers shall be thoroughly investigated and the Company reserves the right to take any action provided under law including but not limited to filing criminal complaint against the customer, etc.

 For more information, please refer to the Terms of  Service

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